Book A Theory Test in Three Easy Steps

Booking your theory test can be stressful, but we wanted to make it is as easy as it can be and give you the best chance of passing! The pass rate on the theory test has gone down in recent months, so we want to help you as much as possible. That’s why we offer a fully managed booking service, as well as exclusive access to our theory learning hub to help you revise and get to grips with the test.

And if you don’t pass the first time, then we’ll help you to quickly re-book using our cancellation finder! 

Get Our Extra Services

Plus you get loads of free goodies such as free retests, theory test cancellations and a highway code to help you practice and revise! You can also get our optional theory test books package where we’ll send you physical book guides to help you pass your test!

1. Fill in the Form and Get a Test Booking

It only takes a few minutes! Our simple and easy form will get your theory test booked in no time at all.

2. Practice at the Theory Learner Hub

Upon signup, you will receive your login details to access your account. This login will give you access to all the features we offer. You will be able to access our theory learning hub to help you practice for the test.

3. Pass Your Test

Congratulations, time to celebrate! You’ve just passed your test! We hope you enjoyed how easy it was with our theory test services and our learner driving hub!

What We Offer

Here's What We Can Do For You

Theory Test Cancellations

We can search for theory test cancellations on your behalf to save you time and money. Check out the benefits of our cancellation service:

Automatic Searching

We can search regularly to find a cancellations to meet your specific requirements.

Text Message Notifications

Once you activate our cancellation checker, we will send you text messages of any cancellations that meet your requirements

Bespoke Searching

We cater for your needs, our system will ensure we search only for your specific needs, maximising our searching to find you cancellations quickly.

Our Theory Learning Hub

Our business is to help you pass first time!

As part of our package, you get exclusive access to our theory learning hub with over 650 questions similar to the real test!

Have a go at our mock theory test questions from our question bank. This is just a sample of 10. As one of our customers though, you will have access to our full learner driving hub to help you pass your test! You will also find mock tests which you can take to see if you are test ready!

Practice Theory Questions

Practice your driving theory test for free with our theory question bank.

1 / 10

An adult casualty isn’t breathing. CPR should be administered to keep the blood flowing. How hard should you press against their chest?

2 / 10

What a driver did has offended you. How can you safely get past this incident?

3 / 10

There is a cycle lane in use, indicated by a solid white line. What does this represent for motorists?

4 / 10

How can drinking alcohol affect your ability to drive?

5 / 10

While using an emergency phone on a motorway, where should you stand?

6 / 10

How do smart motorways avoid traffic clustering?

7 / 10

This junction, controlled by traffic lights, has a marked area between two stop lines. What’s this for?

8 / 10

The weather is dry and pleasant. When is the "two-second rule" appropriate to apply?

9 / 10

Do you need to plan rest stops when you’re planning a long journey?

10 / 10

How far are you allowed to reverse?

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The average score is 82%


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Buy Theory Test Books

It’s not easy taking your theory test, so we set out to make it as simple as possible so that you don’t have to worry. We have a selection of theory books to help you pass. Check them out below. Our theory test books are available separately or as an addition to our theory test package.

DVSA Official Theory Test Book

The official theory booke comes with all the information you need to pass your theory test. It contains multiple choice questions from the whole theory test question bank, with answers and explanations, dealing with topics such as: alertness and attitude, vehicle safety and handling, safety margins, hazard awareness and many more. Get your theory test learning material with us!

Theory Educational Colouring Book

If you a visual learner, you need this book. Studying the highway code is monotonous, unengaging and unlikely to beat the cute dogs of the internet for your attention. But there's good news! This innovative new book makes learning the theory of driving engaging and fun. The process of colouring in helps you understand and memorise faster.

AA Question and Answer Book

This book has explanatory text to help learner drivers understand what's required for every revision question. The AA has an excellent track record with driving test titles and is one of the biggest sellers of books in the genre.The clear and concise layout makes it easy to revise and is essential reading foranyone learning to drive..

Why should you book a theory test through us?

Theory Test Management Service And Free Resit

It’s not easy taking your theory test, so we set out to make it as simple as possible, so that you don’t have to worry.

Free Retest

Don’t worry if you don’t pass your theory test the first time, we always give you at least one free retest! Just send us an email to arrange your free test. There is no minimum mark required to quality for a free resit unlike other sites!

Help on Hand

Got a query? Speak to one of our customer support team who are on hand to help. They can help you move your theory test to a different time, day or location.


Receive an email upon the successful booking of your test. You can enter preferences for the time and dates of your booking so you get a test that suits you. If it doesn't work for you, then you can contact us and we'll help you change it.

How to Book Your Theory Test Through Us

Booking a UK theory test can be done in a few simple steps by us. The theory test is an important part of the process for getting your full driving licence, and it’s important to make sure you book your test well in advance to avoid any delays in your learner driving journey.

The first step is to choose the location where you want to take your theory test. You can do this by entering your postcode at the top of this page and it will find you your nearest theory test centres. You will be given a list of available test centres in your area, and you can choose the one that is most convenient for you. After selecting a test centre, you will be asked to choose a date and time for your theory test. It’s important to book your test well in advance to avoid any delays, as test centres can be very busy, especially during peak driving seasons.

After the first step, you will need to choose the type of theory test you want to book. There are two types of theory tests available, a car theory test and a motorcycle theory test. Once you have selected the correct test type, you will be asked to enter your personal details, including your name, address, and contact information. After choosing a date and time for your theory test, you will be asked to pay the test fee.

The current fee for a car theory test is £46 through us which includes a free retest, while the fee for a motorcycle theory test is also £46. This includes the DVSA test fee of £23 plus the use of our wonderful services such as the learner hub, the theory test cancellation checker and a highway code. If you don’t need our extra services, then you can book directly on the DVSA site here for £23.

Once you have paid the fee, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your theory test booking, including the date, time, and location of your test. At this point you will be able to access our learner hub to help you pass first time. It’s important to prepare for your theory test well in advance, as it can be a challenging exam. There are many resources available online to help you prepare for your theory test, including practice tests, study guides, and online courses. Why not opt for our additional physical book package and we’ll send you great books and guides to help you pass! Our physical book package also includes L plates, so you’ll be ready to start driving as soon as you pass! Our main aim is to help our customers pass their theory test as quickly as possible!

Our Answers


Got a question about our service or the theory test? Find the answer here! 

Our fantastic theory learning hub gives you access to our practice question banks. These are questions similar to the ones you may face on your real test. To access the learner hub, all you need to do is login once you have created an account with us. Once you are logged in, navigate to the learner hub area and you will see all of our questions available. These are split down into different question categories so you can practice what you need to most! 

Once you have done the practice questions, you can also try one of our mock tests to see how you would do if it was a real test!

To buy our wonderful theory test books, just click here. You can then follow the link to buy them directly from us. You should receive your theory test books within five working days of making payment. If you are signing up to our theory test service, you can also buy them once you have completed the ordering process.

To activate the cancellation checker, just go to the ‘my account’ section and enter the date you would like a test earlier than. Our systems will then get searching for cancellations and you’ll be notified by text message when we find one for you!

You can choose any of the UK’s theory test centres when filling out the form to book your test. There are nearly 200 theory test centres and you can search by distance to find your nearest test centre, All UK Test Centres Available. We can help you book a theory test at any UK test centre. We can offer car, motorcylce, HGV and many other types of theory test. The theory tests we offer include a free resit so you can pass your theory test quicker and easier. 

Book a theory test by using the post code finder at the top or bottom of this page. You will be able to see a map of the closest and furthest test centres available and book your theory test through our website. Its the easiest and quickest way to book a theory test. Find and receive theory test books now. Get help with your theory test as soon as you signup. 

We sell three books which will provide you with all the information you need to pass your theory test. The colouring book is a great way for anyone struggling. We can also offer you access to our theory test training simulator. Through us you can buy your theory test books now at a reduced price. You can also use our site to find theory test books. Find theory test learning materials. Find theory test books to help pass your test. Buy your theory test books now!

It costs just £46 to book your theory test. This includes the test fee of £23, use of our cancellation checker to find you a test date as soon as possible, a copy of the highway code and an admin fee. This also includes a free highway code that we will send you. 

We also offer a package which includes a set o four theory books. This package can be added by going to the ‘pricing’ page and then selecting the theory books tier. This tier costs £64. Please allow 2-3 days for delivery with this package.

Sure! You can request a refund by emailing [email protected]. You can also check out our refund page for more details!

Theory Bookings is not associated to the DVSA/DVLA. We offer additional services on top of your theory test booking. 

No we do all the classes, Car,HGV,LVG,Coach. For HGV/LVG & Coach, hit contact us for a bespoke Theory Test Booking. 

Save Time and Money

Should I Just Book A Test With the DVSA Directly?

You absolutely could book directly. Test bookings directly from the DVSA cost £23. But you won’t get any of our extra services that we offer like our theory learner hub, cancellation checker and you won’t get a free retest in case you fail. This is extremely important as some sites claiming to offer such services require a minimum mark in the test to get the free retest they offer. We have no minimum mark. Even if you scored 0 in the test, we would book you a new test without qualms. All we ask is that you shows us your failure certificate when requesting a re-test to prove you took the test.

We aim to help you pass your theory test quicker and first time with our learner materials and cancellation finding. With our cancellation finding we can book you a test quicker and with our theory training we can help you pass first time. Our free retest we offer is also a great backup just in case you don’t pass!

For the avoidance of confusion, we are not associated with the DVSA in any way and you can book here for £23 but you will not receive any of the extra services that we offer.

You can also check out our other packages on our pricing page here.