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What effect might underinflated tyres have on your car?

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Do you need to plan rest stops when you’re planning a long journey?

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You must have owned a valid driver's license for the same class of vehicle for at least three years in order to supervise a learner driver. What additional requirements need to be met?

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An injured person has been placed in the recovery position. They’re unconscious but breathing normally. What else should be done?

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An adult casualty isn’t breathing. CPR should be administered to keep the blood flowing. How hard should you press against their chest?

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What can drastically impair your capacity for concentration?

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This school's exterior road is designated with yellow zigzag lines. What are the meanings of these lines?

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What a driver did has offended you. How can you safely get past this incident?

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A police officer requests to view your paperwork. They are not with you at this time. How many days do you have to produce them at a police station?

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In England and Wales, traffic officers work on motorways as well as some secondary routes. What powers do they have?

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